What We Do

What We Do

Certified Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in St. Louis and Surrounding Areas, Since 1979.



Let us save you time and money by allowing us to do a professional and thorough de-greasing of the inside of your entire hood, including filters, fans and ducts. We will wash your complete system down with biodegradable chemicals and high pressure hot water. We will set you up on a regular service schedule dictated by your volume of business. Without a worry, we will clean your hood and duct system to tip top condition and ready for work.

Get Rid Of The Dirtiest Job In Your Restaurant FOREVER!


Our Advice on Certified Cleaning

Cleaning Methods

  1. We will start with a check-in list (electrical, fan condition, floors, hood, hood lights, etc.) This will be done with your manager on duty.We will tip the fan and spray with approved De-greasers and let soak. To loosen grease, we will then spray the same De-greasers down the duct work and on the roof around the fan area.

  2. We will use high pressure water to clean the fan and duct work to clean metal. Clean metal insures safe operation as opposed to powders that only cover grease.

  3. We will clean the surrounding roof area. We do not leave a mess for your employees to clean up.
  4. We will then spray our De-greasers on the inside of the hood and up into duct. Hot water is used to extract grease into a receptacle or is picked up by our Wet-Vac, then mopped.
  5. We will check to make sure all pilot lights are re-lit after the job is completed.
  6. We are fully insured against damage due to our error.
  7. We are a top quality cleaning service and should not be confused with cosmetic hand washing or inferior powder cover-ups. As successful as your business is you know that quality is always the best method.
  8. We will not require any payment on work completed until we receive your signature of complete satisfaction.

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