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“My cleaner needs to comply with all municipal, state and national fire protection codes specifically NFPA 96.”

All employees need to be professionally trained. I want the cleaner to meet IKECA certification and inspection standards. I want the workers to be well trained and know what they’re doing not just given a bunch of rags, chemicals and a truck and told to go clean my kitchen. And, I think they should have regular, ongoing training so they can clean our equipment quickly and effectively and keep up with the ever changing codes.

Our Advice on Certified Cleaning


I want everything cleaned up when the job is done.

I better not have to clean anything up the next morning. In fact, it’d be great if I never even knew the cleaning company even was there except for all of our dirt and grime is missing OR the place smells clean and sanitary. I don’t want to see puddles of grease in my parking lot or in the street. I don’t want to see foot steps through my building or on any table tops or equipment.

Response Time

I want a cleaning company that shows up on time, keeps appointments and is available in case of an emergency.

I want them to contact us before each visit and confirm those visits by post card and with a phone call reminder. I want the job done as quickly as possible too so that my business and staff is not inconvenienced or delayed.


I want to know that the job will be done right ?preferably the first time. If it’s not done right, I want a guarantee that any problems will be corrected immediately.

I don’t want to hear excuses or have to wait days or weeks to have it fixed. I want a cleaner that stands behind their employees, and their equipment. If there’s a disaster like a fire I want a company that can protect me from liability because they stand behind the work they do.

Equipment & Supplies

I don’t want to have to supply any equipment to my cleaner. I want them to bring what they need and it should be state-of-the-art and in good working condition.

It should produce quick, clean results and not cause any damage to my stuff.  I don’t want toxic, illegal chemicals used on my equipment that put my insurance coverage at risk or permanently damages my equipment and building. I don’t want to put my warranty coverage or my employees?health at risk.

Availability / Communication

I want a cleaner that’s available in an emergency or if something is wrong.

I don’t want to leave voicemail messages that are never returned and heaven forbid, if my lawyer needs to talk with them they better still be in business so I’m not left with the liability. I’d like to be able to get through to the worker who’s scheduled  or has completed our job so I can ask questions or resolve any problems that have occurred.


I don’t want to have to worry about anything being stolen by the employees who are cleaning my kitchens.

I’d like to think that my equipment, money, food and other assets and supplies are safe during their visits. I don’t want to worry that they’re “casing the joint?either or telling their friends how to rob us


I don’t want my stuff broken or damaged.

If it is damaged, I want it replace immediately without any hassles and without any money out of my pocket. I want the outside of my building in as good a shape as the inside is. I don’t want anything broken on my building or on my roof. I don’t want any damage or vandalism done to nearby cars, buildings, landscaping or sidewalks. I want my floors, ceilings and other equipment protected during the cleaning process.


I want the employees to do as good of a job and treat us as good  as the owner would.

I don’t want scary looking, fowl mouthed, fowl smelling, drunk or high employees in my building, working with my equipment or near my staff. I don’t want them smoking on the job or taking smoking breaks every ten minutes. I don’t want them sleeping instead of working and I certainly don’t want them showing up sick or getting sick outside my back door. I don’t want illegal activities occurring on my property. And, I’d also prefer not to hear loud, obnoxious and sometimes even offensive music.


I don’t just want my kitchen cleaned.

I also want preventative maintenance so I can reduce or even eliminate system downtime. I want someone who will tell us what our unique cleaning needs are so we comply with regulations and so we can reduce risk, equipment wear and tear, operate at a maximum efficiency and make sure our insurance and equipment warranties are jeopardized. I want someone who goes to national conferences and learns new money saving procedures and products to help keep my kitchen up to date. And, I want to know how to do all of that with the smallest necessary investment.


I want safety equipment used so no injuries occur on our premises.


I don’t want any equipment or chemicals used that will put my customers or my employees health or lives in danger. I don’t want to worry about theft, vandalism, or my employees. I want the cleaning company we use insured on every level so I don’t have to worry about ANY liability.  I want every employee to be bonded and be covered under workman’s compensation. The cleaning company needs to have liability insurance for all aspects of his business. And I want them to have an umbrella policy just in case.

Workmanship / Project Management

I want the job done right the first time around.

I want my kitchen to be clean and safe and I want it to meet all state codes and regulations so we’re not at risk. I’d like some sort of checklist so we know what has been done and what still needs to be done or recommendations we should consider. I want high standards and processes used to clean my equipment not cheap stuff that just screws me over or half-ass jobs done especially in the areas I can’t see or don’t know how to check. I want some sort of certificate of performance that tells us what was done and when as well as the recommended next service due date. 

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